Data source

In this chapter, we will show how to create a data source for your business application.

Data source can be a relational database table or REST service.

Relational Database
Rest Service

Here's the diagram of relationship between basic components of a simple one table, one CRUD form, and one grid business application.

So, let's go ahead and create a table.

Click on New Editor and then SQL DDL Command for VCS.

Write your SQL query, tick Run Local? and then press SAVE button.

-- Our DDL for this guide
CREATE TABLE x_person(
person_id integer NOT NULL, -- sequential primary key
name character varying(50) NOT NULL,
surname character varying(50) NOT NULL,
age integer,
CONSTRAINT pk_person PRIMARY KEY (person_id) -- primary key definition
CREATE sequence seq_x_person;

Now we need to pull the table from database. Click on DB Tables under Data Sources.

Click on burn button to pull table from database.

Enter table name

You have created your database table for your application!

We will use JSONPlaceholder for this guide. See for more detail.

Select REST Clients and click on new button (plus icon).

Enter configurations, tick Active? and click SAVE.

Select the docs service and click new button (plus icon) to add a method.

Enter method details and click SAVE.

Select listUsers method and click new button (plus icon) to add a parameter.

Enter details and click SAVE.

Select the data parameter and click new button (plus icon).

Write id and save.

Write name and save.

You have configured a REST service!

Next we will build user interface for our application.