Form and Grid

In this chapter, we will create a form for table hr_employee. Then, we will create a query for the table. And then, we will create a grid from that query. There are two ways to do what we want. We can either use Wizards feature or Convert feature of iCodeBetter.

Let's show Wizards feature. We will use Form and Grid Wizards. Go to DB Tables, right click on hr_employee table and select Wizards -> Form Wizard.

Change gender input to combo box and click save button on top left.

The system will prompt for form name, we will leave it default. Then, system prompts if you would like to open Grid Wizard press ok. Once Grid Wizard opens click on tick button on top left corner to save. (you make custom configurations later) It prompts for query and grid names leave them as they are (default).

Grid Wizard created a query and a grid from that query. You can see query qry_hr_employee1 on Queries page and grid named grd_hr_employee1 on Grids page.

As you see form and grid previews don't work. Because we didn't reload cache. To reload cache click on button located on the right side of text Application Menu.

On every database and lookup change you must reload cache.

After reloading cache, previews work fine.

As we mentioned in the beginning of this chapter you also do all these using Convert feature. You can create a form by right clicking on table, Convert, and then Table -> CRUD Form. And a query by selecting Table -> Query for Grids.

Then, you can create a grid by right clicking on query, Convert, and selecting Query -> Grid.