Modifying Table Fields

In this chapter, we will show you how to change table fields.

Let's add status field to hr_employee table. Open SQL DDL Command for VCS from New Editor and write this alter SQL command. Check Run Local? (it must be ticked) and click save.

alter table hr_employee add column lkp_status smallint not null default 1;

Now, if you go to DB Tables page, you will see that our new field is not there. That's because we made change on database level. We still have previous version of the table here. So, we must pull updated hr_employee table from database.

To pull updated table click on burn button(the one with flame icon), then press ok.

Burn button is used to pull updated table from database.

now with lkp_status field

Now, let's add this field to our grid as well. Go to Grids, select grd_hr_employee1, go to Grid Columns and click on button. Then, select Insert Grid Columns From Query Fields.

As you see lkp_status is not available us for to insert. Because we did not update our query to reflect changes in table.

To update our query go to Queries page, select qry_hr_employee1, go to Query Fields and click burn button.

now with lkp_status field

Now, we can insert lkp_status to our grid as well.

lkp_status is available now