Page and Menu

To create a page go to Pages page and click on button.

Let's name our page HR_personnel and leave Page -> App Menu ticked. (to add the page to menu)

Menu item form is opened. Here, we could change page's name on the menu - what should appear on application menu. Let's leave as it is and click save.

Reload cache and page appears on application menu.

To open preview of the page click on it on application menu. Oops, it is empty. Most problems on the system could be fixed by a friend called "Reload Cache" but we already reloaded the cache. There is nothing in our page. We should add the grid we created earlier.

To add the grid go to Pages page, select page HR_personel, go to Page Objects and click on button.

Select our grid grd_hr_emplyee1 and click save.

Now, our page has its grid.

Let's create a new record. As you see gender is 2 instead of Female. To fix this, we should go to our qry_hr_emplyee1 query.

Go to Queries page, select qry_hr_employee1, double click on gender field. Select Lookup Static as Post Process and gender as its Detail.

Now if you re-open the preview gender value comes as it should come. (if tab is open, close then open)